How do you do? The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar

Aankoopmakelaar Den Haag

Are you looking for a great apartment, a big family home or have you already got something in mind and you’d like someone who knows all about “bricks and mortar in The Hague” to have a look at it with you and give you some honest, clear, straight-forward advice? Are you looking for a real estate agent who will tell you if a property price isn’t right or if any renovation work is going to cost you more than you thought? The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar is there to provide guidance to house hunters when they are busy looking to buy an apartment or house and the Haagse Aankoopmakelaar does that in a very specific way.

The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar works in a very clear, transparent and above all, in a very no-nonsense way.

The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar doesn’t have a big, expensive office, doesn’t drive around in a flashy, fast car and doesn’t wear expensive Italian suits. The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar has a lot of knowledge about The Hague and about property and has a healthy dose of matter-of-factness. The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar has a fresh attitude and an unbelievable passion for “bricks and mortar”. The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar works in an open and clear-cut way – with an aversion for routine and swank. The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar is easy to get hold of, calls you back and takes immediate action when it’s needed.

The Haagse Aankoopmakelaar doesn’t just say “yes” and go along with everything and isn’t afraid to tell you to forget about a certain house if it’s considered to be over-priced, for example, or if there could be structural problems or if there are better alternatives on the market. What matters most to the Haagse Aankoopmakelaar is that his clients are happy with their house because that means that the Haagse Aankoopmakelaar has done a good job.